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How to choose an engagement ring?

The choice of the engagement ring is a real headache. Sapphire or diamond, platinum or white gold, rhodium or palladium. The technical terms are numerous and it is quite difficult to see clearly.
But now, this gold ring is more than just a jewelry! It symbolizes the leap, the commitment (do not panic) and the great love.
Know it, most women have been waiting for this moment for years. Do not miss the ring she dreams about.

How to choose the engagement ring?

Before entering the technical part, we will talk about the symbolism of the engagement ring.

While some people agree that the engagement ring has its origins in prehistoric and Egyptian rites. The official existence of the ring was reminiscent of Roman and Greek antiquity. At that time, it was a simple iron ring that had passed to the left annular where there was, according to beliefs, a vein that connected this finger directly to the heart.

It is in the Middle Ages that the precious materials and in particular the silver and the bronze gradually replace the very simple iron ring. It was not until the 15th century to see the appearance of precious stones and diamonds adorn the rings more and more worked. The diamond, reserved for the nobility, was guarantor of the harmony of the couple after the marriage.

So much for the story, let’s get right to the point!

Which stone to choose?

Symbol of purity and eternity is traditionally the diamond the most chosen gemstone for an engagement ring. But if you want to get off the beaten path know that it is quite possible to offer a beautiful ring mounted sapphire, an emerald or even a ruby.
The diamond offers in my opinion the advantage of going with everything, clothing and other jewelry. The colored stone as for it is a more original option.
There is really no rule, I advise you rather to probe the tastes of your future wife.

The diamond

The quality and value of a diamond are defined using 4 criteria, the 4C (Cut, Carat, Clarity, Color), the diamond size, the weight, the purity and the color of the diamond.
These four criteria are also present on the certificate that accompanies your future ring or the stone alone beyond 0.4 carat.

The weight of the diamond is expressed in carats (cts) while the color and purity are illustrated by letters. The color is denoted from D for the most colorless to Z. The more the diamond is colorless, the higher the price will be.
Regarding the purity of a diamond, it is measured in terms of inclusions: the less it has, the more the diamond is pure. The purity is graduated from IF with no visible inclusion in magnifying glass magnifying 10 times at I with many inclusions very easily visible to the naked eye. It is of course understood that the fewer inclusions, the higher the diamond price.

You will have to play among size, color and purity when buying your ring.


Sapphire is the most commercial gemstone in the world (all jewels combined).
Engagement rings adorned with sapphire have been on the rise in recent years. Back in fashion with the engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William who had offered him a sublime Burmese sapphire of 18 carats mounted on a ring set with 14 brilliants.

The price varies depending on its color. The brighter the blue is, the more sapphire and expensive.

The emerald

Symbol of fertility and hope, the emerald is appreciated for its shimmering green color.
The emerald is the most fragile of the precious stones that is why they are often rectangular or octagonal on the rings, in order to resist shocks.


Synonymous with happiness and passion, the ruby ​​has historically been associated with power for a long time. Ruby is one of the rarest precious stones and therefore one of the most expensive.

Which metal to choose?

Yellow gold, white gold or platinum? This is another choice to pay attention to. While white Gold Rings For Men and women are also popular.

Before anything else I advise you to look at the rings that your future wife has. This observation will allow you, at first, to define if it prefers a yellow or white metal.

If white gold and platinum look much alike, they differ on essentially 3 points, which are purity, durability and resistance.

  1. White gold is not found in nature. It is an alloy (mixture) of 75% yellow gold and 25% silver, nickel or zinc. Platinum is 95% pure, which puts it in front of gold in terms of “purity” of the precious metal.
  2. As I explained just before, the white gold is 75% yellow gold, so it is expected to yellowing the metal after a few years. To revive the whiteness it will re-rhodium the ring. This operation aims to apply a thin film of Rhodium to make the jewel stainless and maintain its brilliant gray color.
    Here again benefit for the Platinum which is naturally light gray and which will not undergo any change of color with the time.
  3. Gentlemen, remember physics classes! The density of platinum and greater than that of gold. It is therefore more resistant to scratches.

But here … platinum is more rare in nature and is more expensive. About 30 to 40% more expensive than gold.