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How to Write Wedding Vows Step by Step

Striving to organize one of the most stunning wedding ceremonies, the couples used to dive into the pre-event fuss just after the proposal. They have so many issues to solve; it is often quite difficult to identify what is more important and should be done first. Unfortunately, writing Wedding Vows is rare happens to be marked as “hot” task. Couples consider they will cope fast with this seemingly easy process. If they only knew how mistaken this consideration is, they would start writing immediately. Actually having a month (at best) left before the wedding, the couples still have no idea what to say when exchanging rings. They start to panic. If you are quite at that point now, read further. We know how to write the best vow in a minute.

Define the style

We all are different and perceive each life event in a variety of ways. Although the wedding ceremony seems to be standardized, you will unlikely to find two similar marriages. Each one has special personalized shadows like yours, we assume. So, considering your overall wedding conception, the aura of your relations, and preferred lifestyle choose the most suitable writing tone. Think whether you want to be extremely romantic, or sensitive, or daring, or, maybe, fun and playful in the moment of exchanging rings.

Why it is important to do at the very beginning? The answer is simple. Choosing the style for wedding vows you switch on your heart trying to catch the needed tone by senses but not by mind. Moreover, while inspecting your emotions, you can also involuntarily recall some of the appropriate memories you can further use for your vow.

Answer to yourself why do you marry this person

Most likely, when looking for the answer to this question you will figure out that your party makes you feel special and brings to your life a myriad of new emotions you have never experienced before. Choose those of the partner’s strengths you value the most and fix them. Then write about your honey trying to accent why he/she is best of the best for you.  Do not forget about writing tone. Use your secrete alias when addressing your beloved, involve the most memorable moments of your love story to enrich wedding vow with the desired atmosphere and personalize it.

Don’t skimp on emotions. Remember that a wedding is the revelation moment and that day is a unique opportunity for telling about special feelings. So, when writing about your partner, do not limit yourself by stating the fact but reflect on each partners’ special feature. For example, do not stop after saying “you are the kindest person” but try to continue “you have made me believe in people and taught to see the light in the darkest day”. Establish links: accent strengths and tell why it is valuable for you.

 It is time to promise

Promising is the core part of wedding vow and it takes indeed tremendous efforts. You face the need to be original and generate special promises. But how to do this when the majority of promises were made by many other couples and one cannot again “create a bicycle”?   There is a way and it is personalization. Try not to use cliché like “I promise to love you always” but think what is indeed matters to your party. Are there any differences between you? What irritates him/her the most or what is him/her dream?  Maybe you are an early bird while your honey loves to sleep long in the morning. So, you can promise you will not wake him/her early on weekends. It is just a single example but we are sure you will find many alternatives to design promising part for your vow.

Look towards future

Telling about your aspirations towards the future of the newly born family is the best way to end your vow. So, focus on your expectations, tell about your dreams, plans or a special way you want to raise your family. You can assure your partner in something you will do in future regardless of obstacles, times and spaces. You also can conclude by initiating family traditions, like reading the wedding vows each year on the anniversary day.

Wedding day is extremely individual. So, nobody can tell you what of the ways to write the vow is right or wrong one. Indeed, having the general structure and guide to thinking manner, you can succeed in writing the best wedding vow.