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Wedding Trends That Must Go in 2020

Wedding trends come and go, but we noticed that there are some that should have been gone by now but are still being done by most couples. Everyone is entitled to their preference, but you may not know if you will like the trend if someone else is organizing your wedding. Also, while these trends used to be cute, it’s time for something new.

Wedding Trends That Need to Stop

  1. Mason Jars

Some couples use mason jars for décor instead of drinking. Those are the particular trends that need to stop. Mason jars are quite expensive when bought in small amounts and not all of your guests will take them home. It is also not safe to reuse them for food businesses because they need to be sanitized, which will cost more.

Unless you really love mason jars, please choose a new type of container that can be provided by the caterer and please do avoid plastics. Examples of new containers you can use for décor include old cans from the recycling center that you can repurpose, DIY scrap wood containers, biodegradable flower foams, etc.

  1. Adlib Dancing Bridal Parties

The dance numbers on wedding videos look amazing, but some organizers think it’s okay to just make the bridesmaids and groomsmen dance on site without any practice or good choreography. Yes, it’s a small sacrifice to entertain the couple, but not all bridal party members want to perform in front of guests. This type of event should be practiced and approved by the bride and groom. Lastly, you should not force someone to do this if they absolutely don’t want to do it.

  1. R-Rated Parlor Games

Yes, they are fun, but most weddings need to be PG if guests brought their kids. It is also necessary if there are flower girls and ring bearers who will stay until after dinner. Even if there aren’t any kids in the wedding, some people may feel uncomfortable about R-Rated games. Those games should be done during the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Instead, you should set up games that everyone can join in regardless of age.

  1. Prenuptial Photos and Same Day Edits That Look Awkward

The reason why some of these shoots look awkward is because they do not reflect the personality of the couple. If you want a good shoot and videography session on or before your wedding day, you should collaborate with the creators so that they can create a concept that looks great for you and your partner.

  1. Bridezilla and Groomzilla Demands

Some couples think it’s okay to ask for unreasonable demands like branded clothing for the wedding party, uncomfortable performances for the guests, or extremely expensive register gifts. There are more exaggerated requests if you do a quick internet search, but the key here is to make your guests feel comfortable. They are celebrating your marriage and that won’t be possible if they feel bad during the ceremony and reception. Try not to be controlling and just make reasonable requests from everyone like the proper dress code, optional gifts, etc. Pro Tip: Don’t ask for an expensive wedding band or engagement ring if your partner can’t afford it as well. Just get reasonable priced Vancouver diamonds for your wedding.