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Gay and lesbian wedding rings: some tips

Many lesbian couples have some doubts about the new lesbian wedding tradition such as, for example, which are the right lesbian wedding rings. Should they follow the straight way or are they asked to write a new wedding tradition? No matter if your doubt is simply a matter of style and etiquette, or if you have in mind higher level questions, the story is always the same, do whatever you feel. Also about the lesbian wedding rings. But if you want to know what’s the trend, here’s some questions answered about lesbian wedding and engagement rings.

Where do gay and lesbian couples wear wedding rings?

There is not a consolidated tradition in lesbian wedding rings use. Some say that lesbian couples usually wear wedding rings on the right hand ring finger, but it’s not a rule. Many lesbian couples prefer to wear the ring in the traditional way, as straight couples do, in the left hand ring finger. No rules, also in this case, only the complete freedom to act as one feel, and, in case, to write a new tradition.

What about the engagement ring?

This piece of jewelry is not mandatory, nor even required. In the experience of same sex wedding agency, lesbian couples often prefer to ignore this tradition only buying a wedding ring, but if you want it, or even if only one of the partners wants it, nothing prevents to buy only one engagement ring. Not everyone feels comfortable with rings and jewelry in general.

Is there any difference in the way we chose gay or lesbian wedding rings?

No. There is no difference. Except that gay and lesbian couples have maybe more flexibility when interpreting tradition. In straight wedding rings are sometimes identical, sometimes only matching. While the bride wears a feminine model and the groom choses a more masculine and simple, in this case both partner can wear identical rings or the model they feel more comfortable with. It is the same principle when choosing wedding vest or suits. Completely up to you and the way you feel within the couple.

Who has to buy the wedding rings?

The difference between straight wedding tradition is that among lesbian couples there is the use to go and buy the ring together, but even here we don’t want to pigeonhole every small decision in a statistic or in a written rule. The decision of getting married is the most personal and private decision in ones life and every aspect, from the smallest detail to the bigger matters, must be decided in complete freedom. So, logic says that the partner with better financial means is the one who will pay for the rings. But, as always, up to you.