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Unique wedding planning ideas to have a grand celebration

A wedding day is a special one, and you would love your wedding to be unique and grand. These out-of-the-box ideas will truly leave a lasting impression of your wedding. Be it a special reception lounge or unique wedding glasses serving pleasant cocktails and mocktails to your guests to match your theme, to mouth-watering dishes to outstanding invite cards. We have a range of unique ideas you can implement in your wedding celebration and make it grander and more memorable.

Lounge areas in the Reception

Give your guests some time to relax and mingle between the dance by creating a lounge in your reception with cozy pillows and cushions to sink into.

Some amazing pre-ceremony mocktails and cocktails

Your guests will definitely expect some great cocktails and mocktails to enjoy some special wedding glasses, and this surely sets the mood for the party and celebrations.

Welcome gifts for your guests

Welcome your guests and make them feel no less than VIP’s. Shower them with small personalized gifts like a local microbrew or personalized bag with a welcome note.

A thank you gift for your guests

Send your guests a feeling of being loved and gift them a small token of love while they depart after the marriage celebrations.

A delicious bubbly bar at the wedding

It is time to raise the toast at the wedding. Customized champagnes, beers and other drinks with flavored ice cubes at your bar will add to the fun.

A memorable guest’s book

It’s time to invest in a guestbook, a creative jigsaw puzzle of the couple with guests signature on it can be an amazing idea to keep your wedding memories last forever.

Make your first dance special

Your first dance is truly a special moment and the highlight of the wedding. Add that extra special touch to your moment and have some fresh flowers and petals fall from the ceilings to add that touch of extra love and effect top your special couple dance.

An after-party celebration

Why should just hit the bar in your party? Arrange for sine post-wedding bash parties and create a vibe completely different from the reception. A Pyjama party maybe will truly add a relaxed feeling and will be truly enjoyable.

Lightning all over

It’s important to revolutionize your wedding party venue with some great creative lightning. Add drama and glamour to the boring beige colored walls of the party venue, but adding some funny geometric monograms to the dance floor and transform the solace.

A decked up entry gateway to the wedding venue

The first impression is the last impression. So do take some time and efforts to add glamour and grand arrangements to deck up the entry gate to your venue with some meaningful addictions like a family picture or wedding album screen etc.

Serve the cocktails differently

You can grab the attention of your guests by having the drinks and beverages served in an unusual manner. Have them decorated in ice glasses or colorful trays. The message should be clear that it is time to party.

A photo booth

A booth for photographs is a great way to capture those memories forever. Add that extra special touch to your party by having a themed based photo booth to get great pictures clicked and give your guests a copy of their clicks. It is truly a treasure for life.

This unique and personalized touch to the wedding celebrations trending and it keeps your wedding guests excited and keeps you super excited too. It includes these great ideas to celebrate your wedding in a grander way.