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Wedding Packages and Locations

A wedding is a significant occasion in both the bride and the bridegroom’s life. It is an unforgettable event where couples spend thousands of dollars to mark a great day. However, not all couples will afford an extravagant wedding, therefore settling on a low budget plan for the event. Whatever budget a couple has, Bali wedding planner The Seven Agency will be there to fulfill their dream. The organizers are trained to work with any budget a couple can afford. In this article, you are going to learn some of the benefits you can get from a wedding organizer.

Stress-free and best price wedding plan price

Would you love someone to help you fulfil your wedding plans? Well, you can seek help from event organisers like Bali to help you accomplish your dream in a stress-free way. The wedding organisers will give you a comprehensive wedding package that has professional photographers, video shooting experts, and so on. Where you decide to celebrate your wedding is your choice, be it across the coastline, a 5-star hotel, or some luxury villa. What matters is how the event organizers will tailor the wedding environment according to your preference.  


If your budget cannot meet a costly wedding, you can still enjoy your day on beautiful natural scenery. This means you can choose affordable locations that fit within your plans. You will only need to present your budget to the event organizers, and they will search for the best venue within your financial limit. A small wedding can cost something like 30 – 50 %. This percentage is the total wedding cost. If you want a bigger wedding, you may need to pay another 50% of the initial budget before the occasion. 

The wedding venue and setting

Your wedding is such a memorable day that you would love it to go as planned. Some couples are ready to put down thousands of dollars provided they fulfill their big day as planned. The success of your wedding is most certain, especially when you hold pre-wedding meetings. Organizing meetings with wedding planners will ensure everything is on point, including décor and payments. There are many wedding locations and venues provided what you choose fits your guests. Some wedding planners even include kids’ play areas to keep them active and lively. 

Complete Wedding Packages 

The number of wedding guests will determine whether you will select a package that accommodates fewer or more guests. A full wedding package for 30 to 90 guests could cost USD 8899 to USD 9900. But if your guests will be 20 or less, you may spend USD 1500 to USD 3350. If it is a pre-wedding, it may cost under USD 800. Wedding Packages with fewer invitees are the best for venues like beeches, light cliff, and so on.  


Weddings are essential stages in the lives of couples. As long as you plan your wedding by engaging experts like Bali, everything will go as planned. Wedding organizers will help customize your wedding according to your needs. Enough research will increase your chances of getting an event organizer that will give you the best value for your money. Most average weddings usually cost something like USD 1530 to USD 9799. However, you can contact organizers like Bali for a hassle-free and budget-friendly event.