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10 Signature Cocktail Ideas for your Wedding

Wedding planning requires a lot of time and effort. From the dress to the flowers, and the cake to the vows, it is necessary to devote a lot of attention to detail. Wedding cocktails can, however, be one thing that might be easier to decide upon after reading this article. One way you can turn your wedding day into a dream wedding is by having a signature wedding drinks. Typically, a significant portion of the event catering budget goes to the bar, but it’s worth it! Otherwise, the wedding celebration would be incomplete without the perfect cocktail servings for your guests. The cocktail hour of the wedding comprises mainly of beverage service, with time for letting your guests to loosen up. Throughout your wedding reception, toasts, and dancing, make sure to engage your guests with your signature cocktail creations. You can serve the guests wine and beer, but your signature cocktail will be the cherry on top of a great evening. You can plan your signature cocktail to go with your wedding dress color or theme as well.

Here are some creative signature cocktail ideas to add more color to your wedding:

1. Diamond Martini

A diamond martini is the perfect choice of drink for any kind of wedding ceremony. It gives a sparkling, crisp, and clear touch to your celebrations. The important tip to making the perfect diamond martini is to keep it really cold. You have to chill the ingredients and glass. Pour dry vermouth and vodka into a glass, and you are good to go. You can also drop in a slice of lemon to make the presentation more appealing.

2. Watermelon Refresher

If you are having a summer wedding, adding a touch of seasonal fruits can be a very good idea. The recipe is as simple as it gets. You need to have a strawberry-watermelon combination with cold vodka and a hint of ginger, basil, and lime.

3. Blueberry & Basil Collins

There’s everything to love about blueberry and basil Collins. The color, swizzle stick on top, and the taste will tempt your guests to ask for more. All you need is vodka, lemon juice, a spoonful of powdered sugar, basil and blueberries. Garnish your signature cocktail with blueberries on a swizzle stick on top of the glass.

4. Pineapple Daiquiri

Pineapple Daiquiri is fresh and bright and gives a touch of the tropics to your big day. The ingredients are fresh lime juice, simple sugar syrup, white rum, and a pineapple wedge. It is incredibly easy to make and is refreshing for your guests. You can add whipped cream to give a top froth to your cocktail for an indulgent touch.

5. Blushing Bride

A perfect wedding combination of a signature cocktail and a blushing bride come together in a glass of Blushing Bride. This cocktail has all it takes to be your signature cocktail on your wedding day. Pour cake-flavored vodka and pomegranate liqueur in a glass and top it up with champagne to have a glass of blushing bride.  It is sweet and simple; an ideal cocktail to serve to your guests.

6. Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade

You can take the traditional blackberry whiskey lemonade recipe and give it your own personal spin. It is perfect for guests who are whiskey lovers. It is easy to make and full of flavor. With whiskey, lemon juice, rosemary, fresh blackberries, sugar and tonic water or sparkling wine, you can have the perfect cocktail serving for your guests.  You can add mint or basil instead of rosemary to make it stand apart from any drink your guests might be used to.

7. Lemon Drop Champagne Punch

A Lemon Drop Champagne Punch is perfect for big summer weddings. It can be difficult to find cocktails that appeal to the tastes of a large group of people, and their specific preferences. Lemon drop champagne punch will make all your guests fall in love with this cocktail recipe. It incorporates lemons, champagne, sugar, and vodka. You can add candied lemon peels to add a fancy look to the drink.

8. Champagne and Fruit

To add a unique and signature touch to your cocktail menu, simply prepare a mix of champagne and fruit. Pour champagne in glass, add some slices of soaked pears and top the glass up with blueberries on a skewer stick. It doesn’t have to be a complex mix of an exotic ingredients; just fruit and some champagne will do. So simple, yet so elegant.

9. Lavender Infusion

A spring wedding is full of flowers and colors. Lavender Infusion is the right cocktail idea for a spring wedding. All you need to do is add a sprig of lavender to flutes of champagne, and you can create a wonderful floral theme for your wedding. If the color goes with the bridesmaids’ dresses, it will make the event look even grander.

10. Two-Ingredient Champagne Punch

Two-Ingredient Champagne Punch is a very simple and low fuss cocktail. Mix your favorite champagne with scoops of sorbet. If you want to get fancy, you can top it up with fresh fruit. It is super easy and won’t break the wedding budget when included.

Cocktails don’t just have to be a simple beverage in a glass; there are also many ways to spruce up the drinks that you’ll be serving your guests. Once you have decided on your signature wedding drink, you can bottle it up and add ‘just married’ tags to the glasses. You can put any text or tagline on your bottle or flute tags. A good example of this would be your wedding date or a romantic quote. You can even step up your game and get customized glasses as well with your names and your wedding date engraved on the glasses. That’s surely something that your guests will cherish. Every time they look at those glasses, they’ll remember the amazing event that was your wedding.

It is completely up to you to decide the quality of your cocktails to fit within budget. However, if money is not your concern, you can opt for top shelf brands to serve your guests, mixed into the best signature cocktails for your perfect day.

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