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Are You Looking For a Career in the Wedding and Events Industry?

When planning a wedding, you can churn all your creative juices out to create fairytales.

You can make larger than life sets and jaw-dropping backdrops to make them look like a dream come true.

If you are a kind of person who lives in love stories and fairytales, you have a great career opportunity in the wedding industry. And, if you love planning and organizing even the smallest day to day things, you are good to become a wedding or event planner.

As exhausting and overwhelming as it can get, working in an event industry has many advantages:

  • It lets you be creative and think freely.
  • You don’t have fixed working hours, and you can work from anywhere.
  • You can earn as per your talent and creativity.
  • You build great contacts.
  • You get to travel and see new places.

How do you make a career in the wedding and event industry?

Learn the basics

Learning the nuances of the business under a mentor can be a great way to start. When you work as an on-site coordinator, you get to work with multiple clients and vendors. You work on different types of events, big and small, face the challenges and hone your skills.

Several professional associations offer short courses in event planning and management. These programs can teach you the fundamentals of running your own event management company.

We can also learn from event planners like Carlo Parentela and Daniel Claret who are using the latest technologies in making their events a huge success.

Start with family and friends.

If you are lucky, your family and friends will be kind to let you plan their events. Grab that opportunity to build your portfolio. In the event business, a portfolio is the gate pass for a client’s office. You win half the battle with a good portfolio.

Build your brand

People usually plan weddings and events according to themes. Clients have different aesthetic preferences, so they look for a planner who can design things matching the client’s taste. Therefore, build a brand for yourself, a name, logo and other visuals that show your style and strength. I suggest you check out on Carlo Parentela .

Build relationships

In the event industry, word of mouth marketing works best. When a happy client recommends you to another, you know you are winning the game. Therefore, build strong relationships with your clients, vendors, as well as other event planners. You never know who can refer you to a new opportunity.

Manage your finances

It takes time to build clients and make profits. Make sure you have cash in hand to meet the startup expenses. Start with small weddings and events and gradually move up the ladder to plan the extravagant ones.

Register your business

Clients prefer to work with registered event companies to eliminate chances of cheating and fraud. It is good to consult an attorney to legalize your business before you start selling your services.