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Engagement Photos

Emotions you must need to capture!

Someone said, “Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story.”

While planning a wedding, an engagement photo session feels like just another expense. You can actually consider your engagement photo session a “practice session” just before your big day. Lorenzo Sandoval is a reputed name for his Las Vegas engagement photos and captures all other happy moments. He is an enthusiast marshal art teacher who knows the importance of every moment with emotions, feelings, and power to turn the situation. As a photographer, Loren believes in the re-birth of all happy moments in a photo album world.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Here are his top reasons for booking an engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot:

·         Creates a communication bridge between a couple & their photographer…

Considering your wedding photographer, just a lens and a clicking shutter can make things really awkward for you. The photographer is the person who is going to be with you for hours on your wedding day. He/she is responsible for capturing all the special details and your intimate moments on the most special day of your life.

An engagement photo session contributes a lot to develop communication between both parties and make it easier for a couple to reveal their deep love in front of the camera.

·         Gives confidence in your finished photography

Wedding photography involves a significant investment, and the couple remains in a situation of dilemma ­­­­­­­about the final outcome. Even samples cannot satisfy you. The engagement photo session is a beautiful way to ease your mind. It provides a much clear sense of what your wedding photographer can deliver you and gives you peace of mind.

·         Great way to capture your love story

Life becomes quickly hectic just after you get engaged. You have so many burdens to plan your wedding day. Engagement photo session gives you quality time to spend with your partner, to enjoy these special moments, and to gift yourselves a few moments of joy just for you.

This unexpected bonding activity shows you looking simply the best, excited for coming future together, and deeply in love with your partner. This engagement session can be a perfect opportunity to get beautiful, flattering photos of you together, just being selves.

·         Face camera with confidence

Can you accept having stiff and uncomfortable looking photos of you in your wedding album?

Surely not!

Brides and grooms usually have no experience being in front of the camera for a proper photo session. They feel uncomfortable, nervous, and shy. All these elements collectively ruin the beauty of your wedding album.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Engagement photos can contribute valuable practice sessions to give you more confidence in front of the camera. Couples usually feel awkward while posing during the wedding photoshoot. Still, engagement photography allows you to experiment with a variety of ideas and looks before the wedding.


Engagement is an essential next step in a relationship that must not be overshadowed by the significant coming events. Being engaged is a milestone in a couple’s lives, and it is worth celebrating on its own. Wedding photos capture this special phase in a couple’s life when they are madly in love and getting ready for a life journey together.