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Glamorize your wedding with wooden flowers

Flowers are the symbols of everything from faithfulness to wisdom, and joy to purity. There is no better way to express your love for your future life partner than opting for blooms. We all know that flowers are the most expensive item at a wedding. But, fortunately, wooden wedding flowers are a less expensive option to continue the charm and magic of your wedding day.

Ways to use wooden wedding flowers:

You can use wooden flowers in many ways at a wedding such as:

  • For corsages & boutonnieres:

The boutonnieres and corsages made up of wooden flowers look as beautiful as the real ones, but there is no need to give them special care or refrigerate them before your big day. You can fashion these accessories weeks before the wedding day and there is no need to get worried about corsages and boutonnieres on the 11th hour of wedding planning.

  • Bridal Bouquet:

The bridal bouquet is the most important accessory of a bride and remains the center of attention. Wood flower bridal bouquets are a lot less expensive than the real flowers, you can toss it easily. Because this wooden bouquet will not dry out, rot, or deteriorate so it is a perfect wedding favor or keepsake for a variety of events.

  • For centerpieces with wooden flowers:

The simplest way to use wooden flowers at a wedding is to create centerpieces. They are not very expensive, don’t need water, and work the same as the real ones. The decorative and styling possibilities for wooden flowers are limitless. Because of their bendable wire stems, you can create fun shapes and designs.

  • For wedding favors:

Wooden wedding flowers are available in a variety of different colors, so they can easily match with every theme. These are the most inexpensive and memorable wedding favors you can offer your guests.

  • For other wedding decorations:

Wooden flowers are more versatile than the original ones and can be used pretty much where ever the real flowers used. These are more durable and rigid, then real flowers so they can be a perfect choice for high traffic areas of your wedding venue.

  • For aisle decoration:

For particularly outdoor weddings wooden flowers are a great choice to line the aisle. These flowers decorate your wedding aisle elegantly and add a classical touch in a very inexpensive way. You can use wooden flowers or their petals by the sides of an aisle runner or you can place the petals around the small vases or jars with tea light candles to combine the colors of romance and light of love.

  • For confetti:

Wooden wedding flower petals can be used as decorative confetti. By sprinkling these petals around the centerpiece you can add a splash of colors to the reception table. These wooden flower petals are larger than regular confetti. As a bonus, these petals are easier to clean up.

NOTE: It is not advised to use these petals as confetti to toss.

  • For guest book table:

Wooden wedding flowers can jazz up your wedding guest book table in a stunning way. The guest book table is the first impression of your event and wooden flowers, especially roses can enhance the charm and beauty of this table.