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A wedding is a unique experience that should be remembered forever. But the memory is not flawless and so the desire for memorabilia arises. The best memories can best be immortalized as photos. Since you should be aware that you will only have one try for each photo that is not posed, consider hiring a Photographe de mariage dans le Var et Alpes Maritimes to do this. Here are 9 important tips.

1.) Plan early

There are many photographers, but only a few have their own style that makes photos special. If you want a good, or even a specific, photographer for your wedding, you should find out about it early on. As soon as the date for the wedding is fixed, you should also make an appointment with the desired wedding photographer so that he can keep it free for you and there are no problems.

2.) The question of costs

A wedding photographer is a service provider who often works for a few hours at the ceremony and at the subsequent wedding party while you have fun. Of course, he would like to be appropriately remunerated for this work, and image processing also costs time and money. Plan a sufficiently high budget for this early on, as a good wedding photographer will often charge 1500 EUR or more. However, many photographers also offer cheaper complete packages at a fixed price.

3.) The right style

In order for the investment in a wedding photographer to pay off, you have to like the photos afterwards. Every good and experienced photographer has his own style. To find the right photographer for your wedding, you should have a look at the picture galleries on the homepage. Every serious photographer has put together a portfolio of his best pictures. Compare the styles of multiple photographers to find the best one for your taste.

4.) Tips from other bridal couples

Of course, everyone has their own taste and no one can tell you whether a photographer you like has a good style. This is a personal choice for you to make. But you can ask other bridal couples which photographer they have booked and have the wedding album or pictures shown online. Statements about the photographer can also help. An unfriendly professional is not a good choice.

5.) Your own impression counts

After asking other newlyweds about photographers, you should go back to each photographer’s homepage to get an idea of ​​who they are. The design of the homepage already says something about the person, your character and professional competence. A badly designed homepage does not allow any positive conclusions. So that you can be really sure, you should make an appointment and get to know the photographer.

6.) Open conversation

In a personal meeting with the photographer, you have the chance to talk to him about any questions that may arise. A package deal is not always the ideal choice and you may have special requests that need to be specified separately. However, it is of no use to you if you do not openly express your previously prepared questions and wishes. This is the only way the photographer can respond and you will be spared disappointment.

7.) The works of the photographer

While you can get a first impression on the photographer’s homepage, it is possible for you to look at a large variety of photos at a personal meeting in order to be completely sure. In addition, each photographer offers an assortment of products to wear with your favorite photos. Whether you want an album, photo book or photo mugs, let us show you the products.

8.) The entire offer

Each photographer offers different package deals for the working hours on site at the wedding and the postprocessing of the photos. Common options are the choice of whether he should only be present at the ceremony, at the beginning of the wedding celebration, or stay until the end. Photo CDs, online picture galleries and similar offers can also differ and should be booked by you as a complete package or individually put together.

9.) A little patience

Photographers don’t have the same number of jobs all year round. In the warm season, a lot more people want to have a shoot and the photographer is accordingly busy. He needs a few hours so that he can post-process the photos properly and with good results. However, since these will hardly be available in a day, you should inquire about waiting times and plan a few weeks.