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How to plan an online wedding

Of course, weddings are big deals. From more significant arrangements to every small detail seems to matter. The more you invest your time and efforts into the wedding planning, the more overwhelming and incomplete it can become. Most of the brides usually enjoy the entire process, and it feels so great. Still, many get no time, or they don’t enjoy all this, but it is excellent too.

During this critical time of quarantine and social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, wedding plans are changing. Though people are getting normal with this situation, but the new normal is not normal actually, and no one has any idea of how long it could last? People are shifting towards virtual weddings.

Virtual wedding: get married innovatively:

Virtual wedding is undoubtedly a combination of a little bit of resourceful planning and recent technology. This option of virtual marriage allows couples not to postpone their big day and start a new beginning of their life with a new spouse in these times of hardships and social isolation.

If you are willing to have a virtual wedding during these tough times here are a few simple steps you must have to know:

  • Need a platform provider:

The very first thing you need to decide is the wedding platform that your soon to be spouse use and wedding guests will use to watch you tie the knot. Consider this platform as your wedding venue, and like any other venue, there may be some cost associated with the number of guests who attend the ceremony. Thanks to the latest technology, there are many options to choose from:

Zoom: It is video conference software that offers free and paid subscription. It allows attendees to set a Speaker view (to view the ceremony) or Gallery view (in this couple can have the display to see all the reactions of their guests). Zoom wedding continues the wedding party into the ceremony where parents and friends can give their first speeches. Your guests can also enjoy seeing your first dance, and participate in your cake cutting ceremony, even from a distance.

Live Stream: To live stream your wedding you can download a free app like ‘’Love Cast’’ or use Facebook live stream session. For wedding live stream you need to download the lovecast app from the online app store. After completing registration formalities, you can create your wedding event. With the help of the share button, you can share the link of live stream website by text, social media platform, or email. By entering this link into the mobile phones, your guests will be notified with a text message when your live stream will start.

You can take the help of your wedding planner, photographer, or any friend or family member to live stream your wedding. Your guests can easily tune to the live stream once it starts and you have also watched the recording of the live event just after the wedding.

  • Try to make your virtual wedding legal:

Check the laws in your area and if the law in your city allows you to obtain a marriage license from clerks via video conference, make it happen.

  • Coordinate with vendor:

Your wedding is going virtual, but you have to invite your DJ and provide the music for the ceremony. You can also talk to your baker to send smaller portions of a wedding cake to deliver to the guests at their homes. Even the food and dinner can also be delivered similarly if your caterer makes it possible.

  • Enjoy the most precious moments of your life:

Finally, you are ready to get married. Try to walk down the virtual aisle, and enjoy your virtual wedding with your friends, family, and relatives in the similar way as you planned before lockdown.

‘’Distances are just a test to see how far love can travel.’’