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Importance and Use of sparklers on wedding

As you know, the wedding sector has undergone a revolution and has changed profoundly. It is no longer a mere formal act, but a celebration of love where the couples share their happiness with family and friends.

The idea of ​​wanting each wedding to be unique and different from the rest has made the wedding possibilities multiply. Tradition has given way to originality and great ideas.

An idea that we love is the use of wedding sparklers. It seems to us a precious resource, as well as very economical, which looks great at night weddings. Do not be fooled into thinking it is childish; all your guests will love the idea and will queue up to get a sparkler.

How to deliver wedding sparklers to guests

There are several ways to deliver the sparklers to your guests. You can do it individually, leaving them for example on each table of the wedding banquet, so that there is one per person.

If you don’t like the idea, it is more common to arrange the sparklers so that they are grouped together, so that each guest will take their own after the wedding reception. One idea is to leave them in glass jars or scattered on a table.

When to use wedding sparklers

Ideally, choose a time when all your guests can light the sparklers at the same time creating a burst of light sparks, it will be spectacular!

During the wedding dance: Imagine it. The bride and groom begin their first dance as husband and wife, with slow music, while all their guests surround them waving flares to the rhythm of the music, isn’t that super romantic?

At the wedding party: Out of control! All the guests are having a great time and each one lights the sparkler whenever they want, with the song they like the most. An ideal opportunity for your guests to meet each other and have a great time. In this case, more than one flare per guest would be appropriate.

Arrival of the bride and groom at the cocktail party: after the ceremony, there was no time to congratulate the bride and groom on their marriage. Create a beautiful entrance for the bride and groom by forming a hall of sparklers to the welcome cocktail. The bride and groom are sure to get excited!

Departure of the bride and groom from the Church: sparklers may be the new substitutes for rice. Although this option will only shine if the ceremony takes place at night.

The farewell of the bride and groom: imagine the scene: the bride and groom leaving in their wedding car towards the honeymoon, and their guests saying goodbye by waving the sparklers. We find it beautiful …