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Memorable wedding moments a photographer cannot miss!

Bob Sargeant is a well-known name for superb wedding photography in Kent. In 25 years of professional wedding photography Kent, he has captured countless moments of love, emotions, tears, smiles, and happiness.

According to Bob, wedding photography is not about creating technically perfect pictures, but it is about collecting butterflies of beautiful memories. Capturing the right moment is the secret of fabulous wedding photography. There are some very special moments that every bride feels differently and a skilled wedding photographer cannot skip these moments being captured in their camera. Some of the most memorable moments of a wedding that must be the essentials of wedding album are:

  • It’s amazing to capture bridesmaids and her mother assisting her in getting ready for the big day.
  • The last minute’s assistance of mother and father is so touchy and sentimental for brides and these are so touchy moments to capture in the camera forever.
  • Giving away of the bride is also so emotional moment of the wedding ceremony and these moments are also worthy to capture.
  • Wedding ceremonies are representatives of faith in Lord. Obtaining blessings, getting communion, and then kneeling in prayer are the moments to display sincerity. Every religion has its own traditions and capturing these moments in the camera is really important.
  • The first kiss of the wedding couple is the symbol of love, trust, and togetherness and preserving this moment in the wedding album is essential.
  • It is also quite necessary to capture some alone moments of togetherness between the bride and groom during the ceremony.
  • Wedding party group moments, garter tosses, hilarious bouquet moments, and then group photos of the couple with guests to remember are also unforgettable moments that need the attention of a photographer. assures the capturing of amazing and precious moments of your wedding day in the most artistic way to create your wedding album as a keepsake of memories for the lifetime.