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Wedding Gifts

What to Give Your Religious and Non-religious wedding guests?

Looking for the perfect way to honor your religious and nonreligious wedding guests? Find out what gifts will make them feel special on your big day! You may be wondering if you should give different gifts to your guests. It all depends on what will mean the most to them and what will show them how much you appreciate their support on your special day.

Give each guest a copy of your favorite religious text

One meaningful way to acknowledge the role of religion at a wedding is to provide a thoughtful gift to each guest. Broader in scope than traditional wedding favors, giving each guest their own copy of your favorite religious text is a wonderful way to honor the sacredness of marriage for couples of faith. Whether bible verses, ancient spiritual writings, or prayer books, tree of life, this gesture pays tribute to what matters most on your special day; a life-long commitment to each other from a religious perspective. Both guests and couple will cherish the reminder of the spiritual union at work during the ceremony.

Give each guest a small token, like a cross or Star of David

To make sure each of your religious and non-religious wedding guests feels welcome, a thoughtful gesture is to give them token gifts. A meaningful token like a cross or Star of David can express inclusivity while also honoring their personal beliefs. Choosing a small item related to their faith such as jewelry or paperweights will provide guests with a reminder of your special day and let them know that their spiritual values are respected. Guests can appreciate the appreciation even more if they’re able to preserve the gift as a physical reminder of your celebration. Whether they choose to keep it on display or simply remember it in their hearts, these tokens are sure to make an impact on all who attend.

Give each guest a piece of jewelry with your wedding date inscribed on it

Give your wedding guests something special that they can remember the day by. Whether they’re religious or non-religious, why not give each one a piece of jewelry with your wedding date inscribed on it? Not only is this a meaningful gesture but it is truly unique. Your guests will appreciate being remembered for years to come and will have a nice memento of the day that you’ll tie the knot. As a couple, you’ll be able to look back and cherish all of those who shared on your special day every time they wear their special personalized jewelry.

Give each guest a framed picture of you and your spouse

Giving a framed picture of you and your spouse to all of your wedding guests, religious and non-religious alike, is a wonderful way to share with them the love that has brought you together. The frame can provide a perfect backdrop to the beautiful smiles of newlyweds, creating a sentimental moment that guests can cherish long after the wedding has ended. This small but meaningful gesture will make all of your guests feel included on this special day, however, their beliefs may differ. Everyone will be able to walk away with something tangible to remember this special occasion and all of the love it involved.

Give each guest an engraved keychain ornament

When deciding what to give your wedding guests, a fun, timeless memento is an engraved keychain. Such a gift will serve as a reminder of the special day for both those guests with religious and those without religious beliefs. Whether it’s metallic or wooden and engraved with the couple’s initials, the wedding date, or a meaningful quote, these personalized tokens are sure to leave a sentimental impression on all your guest’s hearts. On such a significant and joyous occasion, beautifully designed keychains will be a sweet surprise your devotees won’t soon forget.

If you are having a destination wedding, give each guest a travel-sized toiletry bag

If you are having a destination wedding, consider surprising your guests with a thoughtful gift they can use on their next adventure. A great idea is to give each guest a small travel-sized toiletry bag filled with useful items such as shampoo, deodorant, or conditioner. It’s a gesture that will not only show your appreciation for them attending your special day but also make it easier for them to enjoy the destination without needing to search for necessities on arrival.  Not only that, it gives them something nostalgic to remember your wedding day by when the contents get used up and reminds them of the wonderful time spent away on holiday!

Whatever you decide to give your guests, make sure it is something that they will appreciate and remember. Your wedding day is a special day for everyone involved, and you want to make sure that your guests feel appreciated. With these thoughtful gifts, you can rest assured knowing that your guests will leave your wedding feeling loved.