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Why Do You Need to Try Baby Lash in 2021?

When putting things directly onto your skin or above the eyes, we really need to be careful about the quality and sanitization of that product to avoid any sort of allergic reactions and infections. So this blog comes up to you with the information about best quality, recent, different and fashionable lashes. Mama Ilma isbone of the most preferable brand for eye lashes. Still in 2021, you must go for something new.

This year Baby Lash is actually providing you with the best quality eyelashes which are far more perfect than ever before.

Types of Eyelashes

Modern world brings you with the various types of eyelashes that are not only beautiful but are also safe to use. And Baby lash and Mama llma also comes up with the several options in fake eyelashes.

One of the types is Mink eyelashes, that is mostly used by celebrities because of its natural look as it is made up of natural hair. Mink lashes are thin and are not very heavy which is very convenient for celebrities who shoot for many hours in a day.

Another type is Synthetic eyelashes, these are heavy and thick. Synthetic eyelashes give a glitzy and vivid look. As these are already very heavy and voluminous so there is no need of applying mascara over it.

Then comes the finest and thinnest eyelashes, Sable eyelashes. Sable eyelashes are the first choice of people who prefer thin and natural looking eyelashes.

Silk eyelashes are also the one of the types of eyelashes. These eyelashes are thicker from bottom and thin from the end to give the luscious and full look.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Last Longer?

  • Always opt for eyelashes that are closer to natural eyelashes.
  • Choose eyelashes made up of real hair.
  • Always use eyelash sealer.
  • If you do not want to remove your fake eyelashes, then use oil free makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
  • Avoid using mascara with hard hands.
  • Use the good quality lash glue to stick lashes properly.

Best Glue Used to Put Eyelashes

Best adhesives which can be used for putting eyelashes contain these various elements.

  • A hardening substance that is called Ethyl Cyanoacrylate.
  • Glue should be sticky enough to support long lasting stay of lashes. Candelilla wax is added in glue to provide stickiness and the required moisture.
  • Biotene is also the useful ingredient of glue as it supports natural growth of natural eyelashes. It also protects natural eyelashes.
  • Chamomile extract is also added in glue because of its organic nature and therapeutic properties.

How to Remove Eyelash Glue?

Put oil based makeup remover on the cotton swab and gently rub it over your eyelid.

Petroleum jellies and skin friendly oils can also be used to put off the eyelash glue.

Wash your eyes with the good cleansing face wash or use wet wipes to remove if any amount of glue is still left on eyelids.

Only use eyelashes and eyelash glue which are non irritant and of best quality. And these are easily available at Mama llma and at Baby Lash. Go have a look.